Advanced Life Insurance Planning

Advanced Life Insurance Planning

Affordable Life USA works with successful executives, doctors, and small business owners who require specialized life insurance planning.

We are a boutique insurance advisory firm which focuses on wealth protection and transfer for affluent families.

Many wealthy people seeking large life insurance policies commonly need coverage to protect their income, cover a large loan, or pay estate taxes.

Families of wealth require concierge service when it pertains to the design, implementation and servicing of their life insurance portfolios.

Our emphasis is to design customized life insurance planning solutions that offer flexibility for the future while meeting today’s needs. Our specialty areas include:

  • Business Life Insurance Planning
  • Estate Planning using Life Insurance
  • Charitable Life Insurance Planning
  • Life insurance Company Reviews
  • Universal Life Plan Design

We have created an educational reference library to give successful people an easier way to learn about the advanced life insurance planning.

It will only take a few minutes to gain a better understanding of how we can assist  “high income” or "high net worth" individuals and their families by using the links below:

Business Life Insurance

Estate Planning With Life Insurance

Charitable Life Insurance Planning

Life Insurance Company Reviews

Universal Life Plan Design

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