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Affordable Life USA is a nationally licensed and independently operated life insurance agency. The agency was started by Eric Van Haaften, over 25 years ago, from our home office located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Along with companies like Select Quote, we sell affordable life insurance plans by phone, mail, and internet on a nationwide level.

Affordable Life USA was founded on the principal of marketing to people with easily understand and educational life insurance concepts.

If you have any questions regarding a current policy with our agency or would like quotes on a new policy, you may contact us using the information below:


Affordable Life USA

2526 Woodmeadow

Grand Rapids, MI 49546



1-616 -528-4139

Do You Need Affordable Life Insurance?

It has never been easier to compare life insurance quotes!

Want to know how affordable life insurance can be at your current age?

We encourage people considering life insurance coverage to first read Life Insurance Rates By Age. Here you will be able to compare life insurance plans and learn the reasons why people need to consider term life insurance at various stages in their life.

When it comes to finding the cheapest life insurance rates in 2017, the most affordable life insurance prices can usually be found with companies such as: Penn Mutual, Prudential,  Banner Life, American General, and Protective Life.

However, their are many different life insurance companies currently offering affordable life insurance. Simply fill out our quick online quote form to instantly see how affordable life insurance rates can be for your family.

Life Insurance for Our Clients

Are you a a current policyholder looking for a new life insurance plan because your current term policy is now coming to an end?

Good news! If you have an active convertible term insurance policy with our agency, your current coverage may be extended by exercising a life insurance conversion option.

This is because many policies are considered convertible term life insurance which can be exchanged for longer running permanent life insurance.

Would like to look into prices on another term policy?

As long as you select the right company, finding affordable life insurance for seniors  is not that difficult and only moderately expensive.

Many clients like to compare our life insurance rates with big marketer’s  like AARP Life Insurance.  These expensive policies may not be suitable or the cheapest life insurance plans for most people in decent health.

Guaranteed Universal Life is often a better policy option for our older clients compared to term life insurance. Universal life insurance is low cost permanent cash value life insurance policy with guaranteed premiums and a death benefit which continues for your entire lifetime.

We represent most life insurance companies and can work on your behalf with your existing life insurance company.

If you have future needs which will require continued life insurance coverage, Affordable Life USA can explore which life insurance option is  financially viable for you.