CPA Life Insurance Referral Program

CPA’s who are busy running their own successful business are not often thinking of referring their client’s to a life insurance agent. However, we can assist busy CPA’s who have a client who needs life insurance with our CPA Life Insurance Referral Program.

We are the leading provider of affordable life insurance plans, and look forward to helping you with your case. We pioneered the concept of selling affordable life insurance by phone, mail, and internet on a nationwide level.

CPA Life Insurance Referral

CPA Life Insurance Referral Program

If you are CPA and have a client who needs life insurance, we can work together to provide a mutually agreeable solution for your valuable client. Our CPA Life Insurance Referral Program works with accountants who are licensed to sell life insurance.

Affordable Life USA can assist your clients in several ways:

  • If you can not find a suitable fit for your client due to a medical issue
  • If you lack the time needed to understand life insurance plans and products
  • If you lack the product portfolio needed to help your client
  • If you want to take a hands off approach to life insurance

The rules will depend on the applicable state laws governing life insurance transactions. If you are licensed to sell life insurance, we can often split the commission with you. We may or may not be able to provide you with a referral fee.

Do you Need Help with your Personal Life Insurance Coverage?


Affordable Life USA has provided many accountants with cost comparisons related to their own personal life insurance coverage. Most CPA’s  like to start their evaluation process by analyzing the cost and benefits of AICPA life insurance currently provided to members of American Institute of CPA’s.

We are very familiar and have a detailed review of all three of the AICPA life insurance plans. So, we can  provide you with a complimentary cost comparison of each plan. Not to mention, the analysis will also help you determine if you can save money by purchasing an individual policy versus maintaining your group coverage.

Please call us at 1-877-249-1358 to determine if our CPA Life Insurance Referral Program is good fit for your firm. We can also further discuss your clients objectives, or assist you with your own personal life insurance coverage.

Introducing Eric Van Haaften:

Eric Van Haaften

Affordable Life USA is a nationally licensed and independently operated life insurance agency. The agency was started by Eric Van Haaften, over 25 years ago, from our home office located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Please feel free to email him at:, or call us at 1-877-249-1358.