Affordable Life Insurance for Overweight People

Many Americans applying for life insurance realize being overweight is one of the most common reasons people are charged higher rates for coverage.

If you are obese, or even just overweight, your height and weight will be a factor used by life insurance underwriters to determine the price of your life insurance policy.


The good news for our overweight life insurance clients is that not every life insurance company has the same height and weight charts.

Keep in mind, the more overweight people are when applying for coverage the higher prices they will pay for a policy.

If you are above the maximum build, many companies automatically add an extra premium or a “table rating” on your policy. A rating is a premium higher then a standard rate, and is usually labeled with a letter as follows:


Affordable Life Insurance for Overweight People, We help overweight people obtain standard rates for insurance with liberal build underwriting.

  • A = 25% above standard rate
  • B = 50% above standard rates
  • C = 75% above standard rates
  •  D = 100% above standard rates


Life Insurance for Overweight People

Fortunately, life insurance companies use different height and weight categories, and these categories are not uniform across the industry.

You may be able to qualify for standard rates for life insurance being overweight, assuming you do not have any other major medical conditions.

This is important because a rating could end up costing you a lot more over duration of your life insurance policy.

Liberal Rates for Heavy Seniors

As you get older, life insurance companies tend to allow applicants to be a bit heavier and still qualify for affordable life insurance.

Some carriers even have special height and weight charts which only apply after you reach a certain age.

It is even possible for senior life applicants to qualify for preferred rate class which would not be otherwise available to younger people.

Upgrade on Rates for Permanent Life insurance

People who are overweight and needing long term coverage can also benefit from more liberal underwriting.

Several insurance companies offer a “table shave” program for people who would normally been assessed a table rating.

This upgrade is usually only available on permanent coverage like guaranteed universal life insurance.

The upgrade can reduce the cost of universal life coverage to a similar price point to term insurance for many people.

Hopefully, you now realize that you should not be penalized with higher rates on life insurance just  because you are carrying a few extra pounds. The same holds true, if you are seeking life insurance with high blood pressure or are trying to get decent rates on life insurance with high cholesterol. Many heavy people are also being treated for these two medical conditions and also need to be prudent in their search for affordable life insurance.

However, it is also important to apply for life insurance with a reputable life insurance adviser with access to a computerized “build monitor”.

To get an estimate for the premiums required for life insurance with a larger build use the standard rate class assumption on “Instant Life Insurance Quote”. 

After a base standard rate is determined, we can further evaluate all the carriers to determine which company would offer the best standard rate class based on your specific build.

Our “build monitor” conducts a search of 186 different life insurance companies build guidelines.

This underwriting tool helps our overweight clients apply for coverage with the most liberal insurance company. A few companies offering liberal or favorable underwriting for heavy people include Banner life, Prudential, William Penn Life, American Genera, and Voya.

To utilize our technology to locate the most lenient carriers from the start of the application process, please either use Instant Life Insurance Quote, or call us at 1-877-249-1358.

Maximum Build for Overweight People:

Height/Weight A B C
 5′ 0″ 178 188 190
 5′ 1″ 180 190 192
 5′ 2″ 178 186 190
 5′ 3″ 185 190 199
 5′ 4″ 190 188 197
 5′ 5″ 196 193 202
 5′ 6″ 191 200 208
 5′ 7″ 199 206 215
 5′ 8″ 203 212 221
 5′ 9″ 214 219 228
 5′ 10″ 225 233 240
 5′ 11″ 229 241 255
 6′ 0″ 240 255 260
 6′ 1″ 260 265 270
 6′ 2″ 270 276 283
 6′ 3″ 280 275 279
 6′ 4″ 288 290 294
 6′ 5″ 294 296 297
 6′ 6″ 297 290 304
 6′  7″  305  304  309

Introducing Eric Van Haaften:

Eric Van Haaften

Affordable Life USA is a nationally licensed and independently operated life insurance agency. The agency was started by Eric Van Haaften, over 25 years ago, from our home office located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Please feel free to email him at:, or call us at 1-877-249-1358.