Getting approved for life insurance coverage with a pre-existing health condition is easier when  using a company taking a clinical approach to life insurance underwriting. Before starting your next application, ask your agent: Are you familiar with the clinical  underwriting approach? Our goal is help you understand how clinical underwriting can help you get better [...]

Are you retiring soon and work for a company which provides you with a pension plan? Then,  you have a very important pension option decision to make before you sail off into the sunset. Should you select a joint-life pension, single-life pension, or use a pension maximization concept called "pension maximization using life insurance". With [...]

Many middle aged clients taking medications for hypertension often ask, can I still qualify for life insurance with high blood pressure? Obtaining great rates for life insurance with hypertension is normally not a problem assuming it is well controlled with medications. How much money are you going to have to pay for life insurance with [...]

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