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Do You Need Affordable Life Insurance?


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It has never been easier to compare life insurance quotes! Simply fill out our quick online quote form to instantly see how affordable life insurance rates can be for your family.

If you are curious to learn about how affordable life insurance can be at your age you can also read Life Insurance Rates By Age. Here you will be able to compare life insurance plans and learn the reasons why people need to consider term life insurance at various stages in their life.

When it comes to finding the cheapest life insurance rates in 2017, the most affordable life insurance prices can usually be found with companies such as: Prudential,  Banner Life, American General, and Protective Life.

However, we encourage you to find the best company by comparing the affordable life insurance prices of 186 life insurance carriers using our “no hassle” life insurance calculator.

Affordable Life Insurance for Seniors

It used to be that finding affordable life insurance for seniors was next to imposible, and now getting a policy issued is not that difficult and only moderately expensive.

Senior citizens do need to be prudent when shopping for affordable term life insurance. Seniors need pay special attention to the qualification requirements to find the best term life insurance rates.

Special consideration also needs to be given by seniors looking into purchasing term  life insurance because the premiums will  eventually go up in cost as you get older.

This is why the cheapest life insurance for seniors is not always term life insurance. Term life insurance may not be the best policy for seniors needing lifetime protection or only looking for a small amount of coverage to pay for final expenses.

However, finding cheap whole life insurance is not always easy! Many seniors often consider whole life insurance with big marketer’s  like AARP Life Insurance.  Learn why these expensive policies may not be suitable or the cheapest whole life insurance plans for seniors.

Instead, seniors should consider universal life insurance polices which start at only a $25,000 death benefit.  Modern guaranteed universal life insurance is very affordable and can accumulate cash values like whole life, or have no cash value similar to term insurance.

Universal life insurance is low cost permanent cash value life insurance policy with guaranteed premiums and a death benefit which continues for your entire lifetime. Not to mention, these  guaranteed universal life policies are much cheaper then whole life.

 Life Insurance for Business Owners

Many small business owners need affordable life insurance coverage to either protect their income or to cover a large loan. Many business owner’s select life insurance based on the recommendation of their key advisers.

We work in coordinated effort with these advisors to provide affordable life insurance coverage along with a properly structured policy.

Small business owners require a great deal of service and advisors who are aware of their unique planning needs. This specialization is often hard to find at a local general agency or big call centers like

Are you a business owner seeking affordable life insurance coverage? It may help to educate yourself on the common problems business owners face which can be solved with sound financial planning.

We encourage entrepreneurs to learn more about the solutions life insurance can provide by taking a peek at our articles on Key Person and Buy-Sell Coverage.

We can also provide Life Insurance Quotes for business owners looking for an easy way to compare and select life insurance plans for any personal or business insurance need.

Affordable Life USA was started by Eric Van Haaften, after he graduated with a degree from Ferris State University in Business Management and Statistics. Eric also participated in college athletics on the men’s varsity football team. Eric and his wife Mary make their home in the small town of Ada, Michigan.

We pioneered the concept of selling affordable life insurance by phone, mail, and internet on a nationwide level. Initially, we began selling affordable life insurance plans directly to clients on a national scale by being featured in publications such as: Time, Newsweek, Us News, and the Wall Street Journal

We have evolved over the years as people started using the internet to learn more about affordable life insurance plans and prices. We have become a reference site for consumers and agents looking to learn more about life insurance planning concepts.

We would love the opportunity to work with you on your life insurance planning. We specialize in helping individuals and business owners find affordable life insurance. Please do not hesitate call us with any questions 1-877-249-1358.