Shopping for Life Insurance with a Pre-Existing Medical Condition

Getting affordable life insurance coverage with a pre-existing health condition is easier if you do a little preliminary research. We have composed a series of detailed life insurance underwriting articles to assist you in your search. These articles contain industry secrets which will help you find the price you deserve on  life insurance.

Our goal is to apply our knowledge of life insurance underwriting to simply find you the best prices based on your health and lifestyle.

Many agents give quotes based on very little personal information. These prices are the lowest available and are only accurate for individuals in perfect health. Your actual price is based on many personal factors like your medical background, and family history.

Do you have a Pre-Existing Medical Condition?

There are two components life insurance companies consider when underwriting people for life insurance with a pre-existing medical conditions:

  • Your particular disease or health risk
  • The types of prescription medications you are currently taking

When applying for life insurance when you have a health condition, always try to fully disclose your treatment and type of diagnosis to your agent. This will allow your agent to use companies in the industry which offer more competitive pricing and liberal underwriting.

Guess what? We represent many niche insurance companies and can use our insider knowledge to direct you to the company specializing in your medical condition.

We have been selling life insurance for over 25 years, and have found the best insurance company for someone with high blood pressure may not be the best company for a person with diabetes.

Getting life insurance with a pre-existing health condition requires you to have a better understanding of how your overall  health could eventually affect your premiums.

So, it may be beneficial to gain a better understanding of the underwriting criteria for some very common health issues. Click the link on the topic which pertains to you.

Getting Life Insurance with Medical Conditions