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 Universal Life Insurance Plan Design Options


  • Higher Premium with Cash Accumulation –  Universal life insurance policies can be designed to accumulate excess cash values inside the policy. This can allow a policyholder to skip a premium payment, pay less than the scheduled premium, or have the policy paid-up at a certain age. If you have accumulated substantial cash surrender values you can also elect to withdrawal or borrow against the policy.
  • Lower Premium with no Cach Accumulation – Policyholders who are not interested in accumulating money and looking for a longer duration have a more flexible and affordable choice with the new guaranteed universal life insurance policy. These lifetime plans do not accumulate much cash value, but rates have a no lapse guarantee for selected for periods of time, or to a specific age (i.e. 90, 95, or 100).

For over 25 years, Affordable Life USA has provided affordable universal life insurance quotes to thousands of clients across the United States. We are an independent life insurance agency, and monitor 186 highly rated life insurance companies. 

Our goal is to develop the best life insurance planning solution for your unique needs and budget. If you need assistance with your universal life insurance quotes,  please do not hesitate to call us at 1-877-249-1358.

Universal life Insurance quotes