Life Insurance Underwriting – Don’t Let Family History Increase your Rates

Many people in great overall health are often surprisingly charged more for life insurance because of an immediate family member’s adverse family history. Life insurance underwriting considers your immediate family history when pricing the policy you buy.

If you are looking into purchasing life insurance with a family history of cancer or heart disease, do not forget provide this information to your agent. Life insurance underwriters look at any family member’s who have contracted or died from heart disease or cancer prior to the age of sixty.

Life insurance underwriters consider how many family members were affected with the condition and their age when it was diagnosed. If only one of your relatives was affected, or if diagnosed was after age 60, it may not have an impact on your rates.

Not to mention, every insurer differ in there specific stance on either cancer or heart disease in relation to family history. For example, some insurance providers are primarily concerned with cardiovascular disease only.

The best idea is to find an insurer that will only look at cardiovascular health if you have had a relative die of cancer before the age of sixty. Some life insurance companies also only take the parents’ history into consideration and ignore your siblings’ history.

Life Insurance Underwriting with Adverse Family History


  • Did any family member have cancer and heart disease?
  • What was the age of onset or death of each family member?
  • How many family members with cancer or heart disease?
  • Was it a cancer or heart related disease or death?
  • Was the premature death in siblings or parents?

The life insurance underwriting process will also require you to provide information on your personal medical history as well. You will need to take a quick medical exam, and some life insurance companies verify your medical  and family history.

We have a proprietary computer program to analyze each life insurance company’s stance on family history. The key to finding example premiums for life insurance with adverse family history use  “Instant Life Insurance Quote” . If you have adverse family history and do not want to overpay for your life insurance, please give us a call at 1-877-249-1358.


Eric Van Haaften, LUTCF is the president of Affordable Life USA. We are a nationally licensed life insurance agency focused on finding our clients custom planning solutions at excellent prices. 1-877-249-1358.