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Are you looking for term life insurance no medical exam required? Affordable life insurance coverage is now available without the hassle of a medical exam or accessing your medical records. No medical exam life insurance is a convenient less time consuming way to secure term life insurance protection.

Let’s face it, some people interested in purchasing term life insurance are not wanting any part of taking a medical examination. This is particularly true for those who may fear that they may have an illness that might be uncovered during a medical exam. Anxieties related to medical exams can also be attributed to a fear of needles or irregular doctor visits.

Typically, most life insurance companies you will need you to pay more in premiums for this convenience.  This is because insurance companies have typically assess risk based upon your medical evaluation and your estimated  life expectancy. Providing term life insurance with no medical exam required does create more risk for the insurance company, this risk normally translates into  higher premiums.

However, there are some life insurers who offer no exam life insurance policies without any additional cost based upon your health status and age.The best no medical exam policy will depend on your unique risk because each company has different underwriting guidelines.

We normally suggest no exam life insurance if you are currently healthy and have not seen your doctor in the last few years.  Even very common medical conditions like elevated cholesterol or blood pressure can raise your premiums on tradition policy above those of a no exam life insurance contract.

Keep in mind, that no exam life insurance  policies offer many of the same benefits available through medically underwritten coverage, without the hassle and lengthy application process. This means the policy is full benefit life insurance with no medical exam and no waiting period.

Banner No Exam Life Insurance

Banner No Exam Life Insurance

Consumers who choose no exam life insurance coverage because of the ease and convenience now have a low cost option as well.

Legal & General offers affordable no exam life insurance through Banner Life Insurance and it’s New York sister company William Penn Life. Surprisingly, these policies do not require a medical exam and are offered at the same cost as their fully underwritten term policies.

Legal & General or Banner Life offers between  $100,000 to $500,000 of term life insurance to applicants between the ages of 20 to 50 without any medical examination.

Banner Life offers an automated underwriting program is called Appcelerate. This is a form of  “no exam life insurance” which offers simplified underwriting for people who are in relatively good health.

If you qualify, a policy can be issued as soon as the next business day. This unique no exam life insurance program allows people to be approved for a policy without the need for a medical exam, lab tests, or medical records from your doctor.

Are you are in good health and under the age of 50? Banner life reviews only few health questions, conduct a telephone interview and your policy is approved in a few days!

Moreover, Banner Life is also one of the only companies that offer a “Preferred Plus” rate class along with their full  product portfolio without requiring you to do a medical exam. This is great option for healthy busy applicants wanting to secure affordable life insurance quickly.

How to Get Banner Life Insurance No Medical Exam

Banner Life Insurance is one of the many carriers in our network of no exam life insurance companies.

As you can see, applicants under the age of 50, needing less then $5000,00 in death benefit can benefit from the Banner no exam life insurance process. The combinations of pricing, products, and fair underwriting make Banner term life no exam required a great choice for healthy applicants.

We are a nationally licensed and completely independent life insurance agency.

Our agency would love the opportunity to work with you on your life insurance planning!

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Legal and General’s APPcelerate:

Highlights of  Legal and General’s APPcelerate:

  • Phone interview only for qualifying applicants
  • No Medical Exam required if eligible
  • Preferred Plus rates available
  • Available for Ages 20-50
  • 10, 15, 20, 30 year terms available
  • Available for $100,000 – $500,000 Face Amounts

Introducing Eric Van Haaften:

Eric Van Haaften

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