Select Quote Life Insurance – A Must Read Review

Select captures it’s share of the life insurance marketplace by spending millions on television, newspaper, radio and internet advertising. Select Quote Life Insurance is one of the largest insurance marketers in the United States.

This large advertising budget allows Select to sell thousands of select quote term life insurance policies for millions in new premiums each year. Select Quote has even paid Suze Orman enough money to endorse them. This is why you probably recognize the Select brand name.

Are you wondering if Select quote is best choice for your life insurance needs?

Yes, Select Quote is a reputable agency which provides unbiased price comparisons from several quality life insurance companies.

But, before you jump to any quick decisions, we encourage you to read our  Select Quote review.

In this review we’ll reveal the following about Select Quote:

  • About Select Quote Life Insurance
  • Working with SelectQuote’s primary companies and products
  • What information you must provide to receive a free quote
  • Competitive advantages of using an Affordable Life USA

About Select Quote Life Insurance

SelectQuote, was started in 1985, and has main locations in San Francisco, California, and Leawood, Kansas. SelectQuote life insurance is considered an agency or broker, and not an actual life insurance company.

Select Quote is also considered an elite insurance agency based on the sheer volume of policies sold each year.  is also an independent agency, and is licensed in 49 states.

As an independent agency, Select Quote reviews the prices from many different insurance companies. This is much better then working with an agent who only represents one primary company.

The company sells policies by providing free term life insurance rates and universal life insurance quotes to people across the United States.

Advantages of Working with

Their are many people who can benefit from working with Select Quote’s core life insurance companies.  Most of these companies offer great rates to people in excellent health needing basic term life insurance.In fact, we represent these same life insurance companies as well.

Most agents working at are well trained, knowledgeable, and polite.

They also have a fairly streamlined underwriting process for healthy applicants seeking life insurance. In today’s busy world, applicants also appreciate convenience of conducting their insurance transaction exclusively by telephone compared to meeting with an agent in person.

Since, select quote is a life insurance agency, and not an actual life insurance company, they must represent several different life insurance companies.

Select Quote Life Primary Companies

So, after select quote reviews you initial application, the agent will normally submit your application to one of their primary life insurance companies.

Before choosing any life insurance agency or insurance company you should make sure Select Quote reviews your life insurance needs. It is important to for you to know your specific needs before determining which product is right for you.

Here are few questions that you should ask yourself before selecting the type of life insurance coverage you need:

  • How much life insurance do I need?
  • Are you covering for a specific need such as mortgage protection, income replacement, or only for final expenses?
  • Do you need coverage for a certain number of years, or do you alternatively need coverage for the rest of your life?
  • Do you need pure death benefit protection, or do your need a cash value too?

Once, you you have answered a few of these question you can better decide on which type of insurance policy is best suited for your family.

Types of Select Quote term Life Insurance

Types of Select Quote Life Insurance

Select Quote Life offers two primary types of insurances:

  • Term-Life
  • Universal Life

While both of these offer you options for life insurance, they do vary slightly from each other. You will want to make sure that you understand the basics of both before choosing the one that is right for you.

Select Quote Term Life Insurance

This option is inexpensive and the most basic choice for life insurance. It strictly offers you the coverage that you need for specific periods of time.

Term life insurance is an excellent choice for applicants looking to obtain the largest amount of insurance at the cheapest cost. Term coverage can be tailored in duration to address needs such as protecting a mortgage, or protecting your income to your spouse.

Select is known for offering most people quotes on term life insurance. You will want to pick the time frame that you think will cover your family and keep them protected.

Most of Select Quotes term life insurance companies offer contractually guaranteed premiums which are guaranteed to remain level through the initial term period. You can  choose a term duration of 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, 25 years, or 30 years.

Select Quote Universal Life Insurance also offers universal life insurance.

So, how does Universal Life Insurance work?

Universal Life Insurance is a type of permanent policy where the excess of premium payments above the current cost of insurance are credited to the cash value of the policy.

Your life insurance premium will be split into two accounts. One portion will be invested in your cash accumulation component which acts similar to a savings account with tax deferred growth. The other portion of your premium will be put into your insurance policy to pay for your actual death benefit.

Steps to receive Your SelectQuote Policy

Now, that you are familiar with your needs and the types of life insurance offered by Select Quote, you may feel comfortable enough to go online an select a quote suited to your unique needs.

When you go online to website you will see a few options to Start Your Free Quote:

  • Speak to an agent
  • Fill out an online form

Many people choose the online profile hoping to obtain an instant select quote life proposal.

After all, if I select life insurance for the exact plan and amount needed, shouldn’t my quotes just appear online?

However, this medical profile consists of your overall personal health history, family history, driving record, nicotine use, dangerous sports or activities, and your contact information.

Please realize you will not get a quote when you enter your contact information. Before this can happen, you will get a telephone call  from an agent.

Select Quote Life Insurance Quotes

 During your call a few details are typically addressed:

  • First, Select Quote reviews and verifies your information
  • Then, your agent will select the best plan of insurance and death benefit for your needs
  • Your agent will also attempt to find the best insurance company for you
  • If you like the ideas presented to you, a brief medical checkup will be ordered
  • Upon approval, Select Quote reviews your established rate class and death benefit
  • Finally, a policy will be mailed out to you

Wait! Before starting the application process, we encourage you to compare Select Quote to Affordable Life USA.

 Select vs Affordable Life USA

Does any of these situations this sound like you?

  • You would like quotes from a very large number of companies
  • You do not want to be pressured into buying life insurance
  • You have a pre-exisitng medical condition
  • You are a business owner require a large death benefit
  • You need permanent life insurance

If so, it is very important to understand the benefit of working with Affordable life USA.

Select quote Life Insurance review has a Small Portfolio of Companies

Insurance companies reward big agencies with higher paying contracts based on premium volume submitted to them. This is one reason why large agencies favor only a few well capitalized insurance companies offering higher commission contracts.

Moreover, as small independent agency, we realize that offering a multitude of  life insurance plans and companies can be a bit difficult to manage. Not only for one person to learn, but teaching hundreds of life insurance plans to a huge sales force becomes an even more daunting task.

SelectQuote reviews many applications for life insurance and must have a more simplified process to maintain the autonomy of it’s workforce. Learning the products and underwriting requirements of 1o companies is hard enough, let alone for 50 or more companies.

So, this is why it just makes more economic sense for Select Quote to concentrate their efforts writing for a few well staffed life insurance companies.

Affordable Life USA has 186 Companies

We are a smaller agency, which allows us to spend much more time with our individual and business clients. We select life insurance quotes from a network of over 186 of America’s top rated life insurance companies.

You can select a quote right now from many companies using our hassle free Life Insurance Calculator.

Select Quote life insurance

Select Quote has Pressure to Make Sales

Keep in mind, has very large overhead expenses compared to a small independent agency. They have to pay out millions of dollars in salaries to hundreds of of agents and employees. Not to mention, the office space to house their massive call centers. They have recently hired over 400 people and moved into a new office in Kansas, investing about $12 million to renovate their office to accommodate their large sales force.

This means there is pressure on upper management to sell tons of life insurance to pay for their huge costs. This in turn, puts agents in a pickle of trying to sell as many polices as possible and service clients who have already applied for coverage.

Agents working in this call center environment are only focused on making new sales. Select agents will try really hard to sell you a policy on the first call to make their quota.

They will try to close sales by providing you with the following: the insurance cost, selecting the best insurance plan and death benefit, completing an application on the phone, and setting up medical exam. This is all done on the first time they talk with to you.

Since, SelectQuote has a lot of bills to pay, agents need to meet a quota to keep their jobs. Since, agents are giving so many online life insurance quotes it becomes difficult to quote accurate premiums.

This usually happens by quoting attractive prices without asking enough health questions in order to provide applicants the most accurate term life insurance quote.

Affordable Life USA has No Sales Pressure

We are a smaller agency with a smaller adverting budget and staff. We select life insurance quotes from a network of over 186 of America’s top rated life insurance companies.

How much does life insurance cost?  You can find estimates of you cost for life insurance without talking with an agent  by using  our free insurance calculator.

Our quotes are available without filling out any detailed personal information. This allows you to select insurance quotes from hundreds of plans and companies.

You can obtain great quotes in minutes from Affordable Life USA with absolutely no sales pressure by using Instant Life Insurance Quotes.

Select Quote for People with Medical ConditionsSelect for People with Medical Conditions

Select Quote reviews hundreds of applications daily and has a large team of people handling the underwriting of your file. Your original agent may not be updated on the  status of your file as it moves through the underwriting process.

This quoting strategy works fine for people in perfect health. Applicants seeking life insurance with pre-exisitng conditions can benefit from niche companies who use a clinical approach to underwriting.

Obtaining an affordable life insurance policy can also be a cumbersome process. This is very important to remember, if you have a few minor health issues.

Affordable Life USA for Medical Conditions

People buying  life insurance with diabetes, hypertension, depression, and other common medical conditions need more agent intervention and a larger pool of insurance companies.

Having many different insurance companies to choose from will increase your probability of finding cheaper premiums for life insurance.

Since, many insurance companies will request your medical records from your doctor, special attention needs to focused on honoring these requests in a timely fashion.

Typically, our veteran agents shop extensively to select insurance companies best suited to your medical history. We can use one set of medical records with many insurance companies which will allow you to obtain the best rate available in the marketplace.

Furthermore, more expertise and companies are also required if your application is approved with a higher premium then was initially quoted.

This requires shopping to multiple life insurance companies to get a cheaper offer. This will require more effort by the Select Quote agent, who may not have the time or incentive to shop around for you.

Do you have a medical condition which needs special attention? Affordable Life USA can help you save time and money!

select quote

Select for Business Owners & Executives

Successful executives, doctors, and small business owners often require a substantial amount of life insurance. Wealthy people require a great deal of service and advisors who are aware of their unique planning needs.

This specialization is often hard to find at a local general agency or big call centers like Select Quote.

Many SelectQuote agents are not familiar with how to structure insurance coverage for a Key Person policy or Buy-Sell Coverage.

Many wealthy people also need survivorship life insurance, also known as “second-to-die life insurance”and “joint survivor life insurance to protect their estate.These policies can be complicated and may pose problems for an agent working in the SelectQuote call center.

Affordable Life USA for Business Owners & Executives

Business owners and executives can benefit by working with Affordable Life USA because of our specialized life insurance focus.

Many high net worth individuals purchase life insurance based on the recommendation of their key advisers. We work in coordinated effort with these advisors to provide affordable life insurance coverage along with a properly structured policy.

We often help small business owners who need affordable life insurance coverage by:

  • Protecting their income with life insurance
  • Covering a large home or business loan with life insurance
  • Providing a Key Person policy for their business
  • Offering a Buy-Sell Coverage for their business
  • Securing Survivorship Life Insurance to protect their estate

In many cases, a term life insurance policy is recommended for our wealthy clients.

However, people wanting coverage to last for their entire lifetime, need to consider permanent life insurance which has more moving parts.

We offer universal life plan designs which can either:

  • Accumulate a lot of cash value (more expensive)
  • Have very little cash value (similar in cost to term life insurance)
  • Both plan designs are offered with a product called guaranteed universal life insurance.

Wealthy individuals can get example quote from Affordable Life USA with absolutely no sales pressure by using  Life Insurance Comparisons.

Why Affordable Life USA?

Remember, SelectQuote has an emphasis on selling a large volume of term life policies. Select Quote agents do not routinely sell policies to applicants with health conditions, policies with larger death benefits, or permanent life insurance.

Agents at Select Quote review a spreadsheet of the cheapest life insurance prices from multiple carriers, and typically go directly to filling out a formal application.

We are a smaller agency, which allows us to spend much more time with our individual and business clients. We select life insurance quotes from a network of over 186 of America’s top rated life insurance companies.

We have created a price comparison system to give busy people a practical way to select a quote from hundreds of life insurance companies. We select life insurance companies using a very analytical and detailed process.

First, your general medical history is initially evaluated to determine which companies may be best suited for your individual needs and health history. Then, we start the application process by having you complete a brief insurance examination which can be utilized with all of the viable life insurance companies.

Our in-house underwriters will analyze your medical profile to determine which companies to submit to for offers. Your medical profile is presented to multiple insurance carriers to determine which life insurance provider would be willing to offer cheapest life insurance coverage.

Remember, you can select a quote from over 186 companies using Life Insurance Quotes. Our life insurance calculator allows you to select insurance quotes from hundreds of term and permanent life insurance plans in minutes.

Introducing Eric Van Haaften:

Eric Van Haaften

Affordable Life USA is a nationally licensed and independently operated life insurance agency. The agency was started by Eric Van Haaften, over 25 years ago, from our home office located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Please feel free to email him at:, or call us at 1-877-249-1358.