Term Life Insurance for Seniors

Term life insurance for seniors is not nearly as expensive as whole life or universal life.

If you are a senior citizen and others still depend on you financially, you might need term life insurance to protect your family. With term life insurance for seniors, the policy owner pays for a certain time period and the benefits lasts for a set period.

Term Life Insurance offers guaranteed death benefits and level premiums for an initial period such as 10, 15, or 20 years. Term life insurance is an excellent choice for seniors looking to obtain the largest amount of insurance at the cheapest cost.

Term coverage can be tailored in duration to address needs such as protecting a mortgage, or protecting your income to your spouse.

Depending on your financial situation, we can provide affordable life insurance quotes for seniors from 186 different insurance companies. When we recommend term life insurance for seniors, we consider much more than age; we take into consideration your lifestyle, health, and overall needs.

If you feel you need senior life insurance or even need life insurance for parents, you may also want to read this informative article from US News . It used to be that buying life insurance for seniors was next to impossible, and now getting a policy issued is not that difficult or expensive.

Term Life Insurance for Seniors

Advantages of Term Life Insurance for Seniors:

  • Lower Premiums: Term life insurance for seniors is cheaper then permanent life insurance
  • Level Death Benefit: You can select a level death benefit to pay off the mortgage and even replace your income with one policy
  • Duration: The life insurance rates for seniors will remain the same for 10, 15, or 20 years
  • Peace of Mind: Remove the burden of paying for funeral expenses,cover college tuition, utility bills, food, and other costs of living
  • Maximize your pension income or protect your social security income

How do I apply for Coverage?

Term life insurance for seniors is typically medically underwritten, so it is important check into whether you can actually qualify for coverage.

First, your general medical history is initially evaluated to determine which company may be best suited for your particular medical history. Most companies also require a brief insurance examination.

Your medical profile and exam are submitted to several highly rated companies to determine which carrier would be willing to offer coverage at the most competitive rate class.

This process allows us to provide accurate life insurance quotes for seniors based on how your medical history fits with each insurance company.The underwriting process can take between 3-4 weeks depending on the details of your medical history.

How much does Term Life Insurance for Seniors Cost?

Use our term life insurance cost calculator, Instant Life Insurance Quotes, to find great life insurance quotes for seniors. Remember, your actual cost will be based on your age, heath, and the amount of coverage you need. If you need help determining the best option for your family, please do not hesitate to call us at 1-877-249-1358.

10 Year Life Insurance Quotes for Seniors

Male $100,000 $200,000 $300,000 $500,000
65 $64.66 $123.64 $143.24 $234.94
66 $72.36 $139.04 $156.89 $257.69
67 $81.38 $157.06 $172.38 $283.50
68 $91.70 $177.71 $191.80 $315.88
69 $103.78 $201.86 $216.21 $356.56
70 $117.69 $229.69 $245.35 $405.13
71 $133.18 $260.66 $278.43 $460.25
72 $150.85 $296.01 $317.01 $524.56
73 $170.98 $336.26 $364.26 $603.31
74 $194.08 $382.46 $422.54 $700.44
75 $220.41 $435.14 $493.94 $819.44
Female $100,000 $200,000 $300,000 $500,000
65 $37.26 $66.87 $89.43 $148.75
66 $40.59 $73.53 $97.30 $162.31
67 $47.61 $80.00 $106.49 $177.63
68 $43.83 $87.57 $118.83 $194.25
69 $52.11 $96.57 $135.63 $221.40
70 $57.42 $107.19 $156.89 $247.05
71 $63.09 $118.53 $181.83 $274.05
72 $69.93 $132.21 $211.49 $306.90
73 $79.47 $151.29 $246.93 $352.80
74 $89.10 $170.55 $289.71 $399.15
75 $100.62 $193.59 $340.38 $454.50

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