Attained Age Life Insurance Calculator

Most people realize life insurance policies premiums are based on your age. How life insurance companies calculate the age component often confuses many of our clients. Most people realize that life insurance insurance prices go up each year as they grow older. It also is important to understand how you can save money by using your attained age or by saving age on you life insurance policy.

Many applicants falsely assume premiums will be based on their current age (actual age) as long as the application is completed before their birthday.

This may not the case because most life insurance companies use your attained age (age nearest) for calculating an insured’s age. If you have been procrastinating about buying a life insurance policy, it may be time to act sooner rather then later if you have an upcoming birthday.

  • Actual Age is the utilized by only a few insurance companies and is for most people used to describe their current age.
  • Attained Age or Age Nearest once you are past your half birthday, they consider you to be the age you will be on your next birthday.

Attained Age Life Insurance Calculator


Actual Age  Since you turn do not turn 65 until tomorrow, you can still use a life insurance age of 64.

 Your Date of Birth June 12, 1950
 Today’s Date June 13, 2015
 Your Life Insurance Age Today 64

Age Nearest Birthday  This popular method determines your age on the day you move to within six months of your next birthday.

 Your Date of Birth June 12, 1950
 Today’s Date January 13, 2016
 Your Life Insurance Age Today  66

So, you missed the date, now what? 


Save Age on Life Insurance


If you did not apply for life insurance in time, there is an easy way to recapture your previous age called back-dating. Back-Dating is legal method to back-date the “policy date” up to six months, in order to save age and save you money.

We only recommend you save age, if it saves you money for over the balance of the years that you will maintain the policy. It is possible to back-date the policy under both actual and nearest age scenarios. However, you will still need to backdate your policy and pay premiums for the policy as if it were activated before your birthday has changed.

attained age, save ageFor example, run life insurance rates for yourself on Instant Life Insurance Quote and notice when you enter your birth date your age for your quote is rounded to your nearest age with some companies and remains the same with others.  To save money by utilizing companies that are price competitive based on your specific age, please call us at 1-877-249-1358.

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