Life Insurance Rates for Pipe, Cigar, & Chewers

Life insurance rates for pipe, cigar, chewers, nicotine gum and e-cigarettes are finally getting much cheaper!

Many life insurance companies will always consider you a cigarette smoker when you use any form of nicotine. Most smokers realize the rates for life insurance for cigarette smokers are much higher then rates for non smokers.

Can you get a non-smoker rate when using alternative forms of tobacco?


Non-Smoker Rates for Alternative Tobacco

If you only use an alternative form of tobacco, you are fortunate because a few life insurance companies will now allow you to obtain non smoker rate class.

A few niche life insurance companies consider cigars, pipe smoking, chew, nicotine gum and e-cigarettes as a non smoking life insurance underwriting category. This is great news for those who are more conservative with their nicotine use.

Since, only a few life insurance carriers distinguish between cigarettes and other forms of tobacco, utilizing the right company is vital to obtaining the cheaper rates.

The premium savings for alternative tobacco users can be significant, and often result cost reductions of over 50% compared to smoker rates.

The best insurance company to use for alternative tobacco users will ultimately depend on both the frequency of use and the type of tobacco.

It is very important to disclose your alternative tobacco use with both your agent and the medical examiner, and also clarify that you are not a cigarette smoker. Since, a urine sample showing positive for any nicotine will unfairly be classified as a smoker rate.

Furthermore, some companies only offer non-tobacco rates for cigar and pipe usage, but not for smokeless tobacco. Depending on your specific nicotine use, we usually recommend a few specialty life insurance companies like:

Life insurance rates for pipe smokers. cigar smokers, and chewers

So, you can be matched with the best company try to provide these two details:

  • Frequency of use (daily, weekly, monthly, celebration only)
  • Type of Tobacco   (chew, pipe, cigar, nicotine gum, or patch)

Remember, the most effective way to obtain the best offer for coverage is to work with agent who understands the alternative tobacco marketplace.

Please use  “Instant Life Insurance Quote” for example premiums using the standard plus rates class.

We can further refine your search by selecting the insurance company to underwrite your policy. To find which companies are currently offering non smoker rates for alternative tobacco use, please call us 1-877-249-1358.


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