Life Insurance Underwriting – How High Blood Pressure Effects your Rates

Many middle aged clients taking medications for hypertension often ask, can I still qualify for life insurance with high blood pressure? Obtaining great rates for life insurance with hypertension is normally not a problem assuming it is well controlled with medications.

How much money are you going to have to pay for life insurance with high blood pressure?

If you take medications and your recent readings are normal using the correct insurance company is vital to getting the lowest rates for life insurance with high blood pressure.

Some insurance companies feel people using medications do not really have high blood pressure, and classify the condition as having controlled blood pressure with medication.

 Life Insurance with High Blood Pressure

How do you qualify for the preferred plus rate class for life insurance with treated or medicated hypertension? There are many life insurance companies who will not only offer you term life insurance with high blood pressure treatment, but will even issue the best available rate class.

Most insurance carriers have published rules for obtaining the preferred plus risk category which state “no history of treatment for hypertension”. If you apply to most life insurance companies and take high blood pressure medication, you end up getting automatically classified into the preferred category.

This differs from how life insurance carriers classify cholesterol treatment. Almost all life insurance companies allow a preferred plus rate for cholesterol being treated with medication.

The key is to find a life insurance carrier who states in their published underwriting guidelines that “treated hypertension” is allowed for the preferred plus category.

high blood pressure and life insurance

Save Over 25% with Preferred Plus Rate Class!

When applying for life insurance with a hypertension be sure to disclose your treatment and to your agent. You may also want to do a few readings on your own before undergoing any insurance examinations Most people realize a good blood pressure reading is 120/80, however you may still be interested in looking at Mayo Clinic’s  blood pressure chart.


It is important to know your numbers and which companies in the insurance industry will offer the most liberal underwriting guidelines for you based on your readings and  medications. A few of the companies we currently utilize for life insurance with hypertension treatment are as follows:

These companies often offer preferred plus rates to applicants ,who otherwise would be rated with a higher rate class with other life insurance carries.  Hypertension Life Insurance Quotes has many companies that specialize in the hypertension niche. Use a few of the companies mentioned above to obtain the cheapest preferred plus category.

Types of Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance – Term life offers guaranteed death benefits and level premiums for an initial period such as 10, 15, 20, or even 30 years. Term life insurance is an excellent choice for applicants looking to obtain the largest amount of insurance at the cheapest cost.

Return of Premium TermReturn of Premium life insurance guarantees the return of 100% of your paid premiums are guaranteed to be returned to you tax free at the end of your term.

Universal Life Insurance – This is a form of permanent life insurance which with the premium and death benefit guaranteed guaranteed for specific time frame or a lifetime. Universal life insurance has a cash accumulation component with tax deferred growth along with lifetime coverage.

Please use our Online Life Insurance Quote for example preferred plus life insurance rates with high blood pressure. We will further refine your search by selecting an insurance company  to underwriting your policy. If you would like to learn more about our services, feel free to call us at 1-877-249-1358.

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